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What is Astra?

Astra is a Database As A Service provided by Datastax which allows creation of cassandra clusters on GCP, AWS, and Azure. To get started with a new Astra Account click here and you can have a free 5GB Astra cluster online in less than a few minutes. You can complete your entire developer experience in the UI but for the sake of this blog I am going to show you how to use APIs and connect applications and services to Astra without using the UI as a main interface. If you are looking for other examples of applications that integrate with Astra go here. Documentation for astra can be found here. API Reference Documentation is found here.

Why use Astra?

Astra’s main goal is to meet developers were they are comfortable (with many APIs), to make developing apps against cassandra easier (faster TTM), and remove all the pain of creating and administrating cassandra clusters. I personal like to use Astra because it provides a single layer to create cassandra clusters in all three major cloud providers (GCP,AZURE,AWS). You can check out more about my experience with multiple cloud instance of astra here.

Working with Astra


Astra Compatible Frameworks

tags: astra, framework, java, python, php

Astra Service Broker Tile

tags: astra, service, broker, devops, automation, kubernetes, helm

Astra Multi Cloud

tags: astra, database,service, multi, cloud, aws, azure, gcp

Astra Postman

tags: devops api, data api, get auth, create database, create keyspaces, add tables

Astra DSBulk

tags: load, unload, cassandra, dse, astra

Astra Ansible

tags:ansible, create database, keyspaces, tables, data

Astra NiFi

tags: Astra Native Cassandra Processors, Astra with InvokeHttp, Astra DistributedMapCache

How can I help you with Astra?


Find me over on the Astra Slack to ask me any questions about Astra. Also let’s chat if you have something kewl you did with Astra and you want me to feature it in my blog. Look below or to the right for more ways to find me.