Astra + Postman

How to leverage Astra with Postman

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What is Postman?

Postman is an amazing tool that every developer should already have in their back pocket. If you do not have Postman get it here. Once you have Postman installed check out my Astra Postman Demo repo on Github for super fast way to get started leveraging Astra with Postman.

Check Out My GitHub Repo

Before getting started with Astra & Postman download, fork, or clone my github repo which contains a Postman Environment and all of the sample calls you will find in the Astra API Reference.


How can I help you with Astra?


Find me over on the Astra Slack to ask me any questions about Astra. Also let’s chat if you have something kewl you did with Astra and you want me to feature it in my blog. Look below or to the right for more ways to find me.