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Contributing to NoSQLBench Documentation

When I first got started with nosqlbench I spent some time going through the Github Issues. I find this a great way to get started with any project contribution. It is also a great way to get an understanding of current issues and areas already identified for improvement. I was able to quickly take note several issues I could have an impact on in the future.

One such issue I personally ran into while working on my blog post How To: NoSqlBench with Astra was GitHub Issue #198. While trying to connect nosqlbench to astra I had to infer settings based on command line help doc reference to “securebundle” but there is some work to do there too. I got the info I needed from a co-worker but it also happened to already be in #198.

I quickly added the Astra example to current cql document page (commit) and made a quick comment on the issue. I am not sure this is the right place for that content, and maybe a separate Astra page is going to be more appropriate. More here later once I get feedback.

NoSQLBench Slack Community

While monitoring NoSqlBench Slack a member was looking for command line settings for SSL. I knew I have seen these in my short time here on the project, but I was able to confirm the users experience: 404. Oops, thats pretty brutal. A quick dig and I was able to find some references internally but nothing in the doc. Another co-worker quickly responded with following command topic:

java -jar help ssl

Solving Documentation Issues

  1. Nothing in command line help topics to indicate we can execute ssl command above: Issue 237
  2. The link in to deeper ssl documentation was a 404: Issue 238
  3. Other examples(6) across the code base were a 404 too: Issue 238

GitHub Issue #237

To begin to solve #1 I create a new GitHub Issue #237. An issue is a great way to start discussion with other contributors. In this case my commit was easy, but I want to keep the discussion open and not execute a PR until I can get feedback from the community about other help topics I can add at the same time. On my local fork I built the project again and confirm this new ssl topic is now showing up:

java -jar nb.jar help topics         
# global help topics
- commandline
- cli-scripting
- ssl

Update 12/17/2020: It took me some time, but I was able to get the above change and another Issue #198 into a PR #243. My first contribution to documentation is now complete and I am able to close 2 issues. A short time later my PR is merging and on its way to release.

GitHub Issue #238

I had already created GitHub Issue #238 even before I got started working on documentation improvements. To solve #2 & #3 I dig into the source code and locate all examples of: “Additional parameters may need to be provided”. This results in multiple instances that look like this:

[Additional parameters may need to be provided](
[Additional parameters may need to be provided](../../../../driver-cql/src/main/resources/

In the first example, html link is rendered as: with an undefined appended on the end. That should be rendered as:, but for some reason the latter is still a 404. If I look at the parent page the ssl doc page should actually be: Oddly enough this is a 404 too.

In the next one, and others similar to it, html link is rendered as: but should be rendered as “/docs/drivers/”. The code base relative path and the URL path are quite different here. I am also questioning the # in the URL. If I can get rendering issues sorted out I should be able to change all instances to:

[Additional parameters may need to be provided](/docs/drivers/

This concludes my time for today on this topic, but I will be sure to come back and update once I have had time to discuss each issue internally, make further improvements, and get closer to a PR.

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