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How To: Add Jekyll Sitemap Generator

In my previous blog How To: Create A Page I showed you how to great your page. In this blog i am going to show you how to use a Jekyll Sitemap Generator to add a sitemap to your page. I am using Google Analytics and Google Search to monitor traffic and SEO results. Since google wants a sitemap and I do not want to manage it, automating this part of the blog is now needed.

Update config.yml


Just add:

  - jekyll-sitemap

Update Gemfile


Just add:

gem 'jekyll-sitemap'

Run Bundle

In your root folder execute the command:

bundle exec jekyll serve

Exclude Pages

If you want to exclude pages from your sitemap use this syntax in the front matter for your page:

sitemap: false

Confirm Sitemap Exists:

You should see a new file sitemap.xml in your local /site/ folder. And this url should now work:


After commit your changes to your repo be sure to check your page. For example my site map is now:

What’s Next?

Check out How To: Create a GitHub Page Readme. Be sure to reach out to me to share your blog or if you have any questions, issues, or feedback from creating your GitHub Jekyll Theme Page!!